Lifestyle in Spain

Now buying property in Spain is very easy, for this you just need to visit one of such sites In this regard, we decided to tell you more about the way of life in Spain. It is no secret that the mentality of the inhabitants of different countries can vary significantly. In one country it may be customary to go to a second job on weekends, in another country to go to the beach and have fun all day. In some parts of the world, people see the main purpose of acquiring stability, and therefore spend money on “big things” – buying apartments, houses, cars, etc., in others – all life can live in a rental home, without worrying about it. Today we will get acquainted with the Spanish way of life. Namely – we will learn how and what the Spaniards spend money on.

The main principle of life of Spaniards – to have fun and enjoy every day, do not miss the opportunity to have fun, to communicate with friends and have a good time in good company whenever possible. It is not hard to guess that this is the rule that has the greatest impact on how Spaniards spend their money. But it’s not so clear and simple.

Mandatory expenses: taxes and insurance

To enjoy life is necessary, but only after all the issues that need to be resolved monthly are settled. These are, first and foremost, taxation and insurance. Every Spaniard pays taxes based on his or her income. The higher the income, the more contributions will be made to the national budget. For those who earn a little, there are benefits and tax reductions. In general, everything here is very individual and depends on lifestyle, sphere of activity, number of family members.

Life, property and risk insurance is a separate topic. Here, most Spaniards prefer to take out “reinsurance” and pay for all kinds of insurance to protect themselves in the event of force majeure. Such an approach, when a quarter to a third or even half of income per month goes to pay for taxes and insurance, strangely enough, does not contradict the principle of “enjoy life every day”. Perhaps this is what gives the Spaniards, along with the beautiful climate, good quality food and an abundance of holidays, the very elevated disposition of the spirit for which these carefree and positive people are so famous around the world. Knowing that, even in the event of unexpected troubles, everything will be fine, that everything will be arranged and formed, of course, to live a calmer and more pleasant life.

Costs of housing and food

Good nutrition and a quality roof over your head are basic needs. When satisfied, they allow you to strive for spiritual, cultural and professional development. The fact is that there is simply no problem with delicious and natural food in this country. Avoiding the pursuit of large profits, farmers often choose the traditional methods of cultivation, refusing to use chemistry. Being able to buy delicious and natural products at affordable prices day in and day out, to have lunch in restaurants, to sit regularly in cafes and bars with friends, while eating delicious snacks, it is difficult not to develop a sense of happiness. 

And this is what the residents of the country, according to statistics obtained by the Spanish Consumer Society in the study, spend most of the money left after paying mandatory taxes and buying insurance – up to 21% of all their income. Interestingly, this is the case, for the most part, the male half of the population. And the fair sex almost as much – about 23% of their income – spends on clothes and other wardrobe items.