Light fixture repair

Today, the lighting market is rich in a huge range of wall lamps, before such a variety of hard not to lose sight of either the average person, or the most experienced professional electrician who knows many subtleties in lighting. When choosing wall luminaires it is necessary to be extremely careful, so that no further contact with an electrician is necessary. Such situations still happen that the purchased wall light is out of order, you can try to repair the wall light.

Repair of the lamp is not easy, as it may seem at first sight. The structure of different wall lights is similar, but each wall light has features that you need to delve into, it is not easy. You can’t do without certain knowledge. For high-quality repairs it is better to turn to light fixture repair service. An electrician will diagnose the malfunction and help to cope with it, and will save all possibilities of the wall light. When repairing a wall light, it is easy to accidentally disrupt the functionality of the unit.

Repairing the wall light with your own hands may damage not only the wall light itself, but also the wiring in the room. This may occur due to incorrect positioning of the contacts, which in turn may lead to a short-circuit. And short-circuiting, in its turn, is dangerous with the possibility of fire and fire.

Common breakdowns in luminaires

Sometimes the luminaire fails for no apparent reason, so it is necessary to know the types of damage that can be corrected yourself. Each type of lamp has frequent breakdowns. For fluorescent lamps, these are the following:

  • there is no uniform glow – either the ends or the middle are lit;
  • the lamp does not turn on;
  • an emergency protection machine is triggered;
  • flashing, light on one side only;
  • there is an orange glow and then the appliance turns off;
  • after a few hours of operation, blackouts appear.

In many of the above cases, it is possible to repair the faults by changing the lamp yourself. But sometimes it is necessary to repair the luminaire. If you have experience with such manipulations, you can safely start work. Luminaires with incandescent bulbs also have characteristic faults. Among them, you can note:

  • triggering of the safety circuit breaker when it is switched on;
  • breakage of the switch;
  • failure of the lamp itself;
  • a broken flask and the base plate is in the cartridge;
  • insufficient connection between lamp and luminaire contacts.

The listed breakdowns can also be repaired by yourself. If safety rules are observed and some knowledge of the electrical circuit is available, the process will be quick and efficient.

Repair of LED devices is more complex and requires a professional approach. The device of such luminaries additionally includes a control unit and driver. They are necessary for correct operation of the luminaire. This is due to the fact that LEDs operate at 12 or 24 volts. It is therefore not possible to connect to the mains without additional elements. Accordingly, faults may also be associated with these components:

  • failure of the light bulbs;
  • partial operation of the LEDs;
  • no switching on or flashing in the process;
  • switching off the luminaire without external intervention.

In order to eliminate the causes of the listed failures it is necessary to have relevant experience. After all, repairing LED luminaires with your own hands requires not only knowledge about the work of electrical devices, but also the principles of the device LED designs. On the Internet you can find many detailed photo and video instructions on this topic, but it is better to call a professional.