Ways to move to Los Angeles

Lack of time is what most people who have to move are faced with. Not a lot of people can set aside a whole week exclusively for preparing for the move; usually it has to be combined with work, study, child care, and other daily activities. So, it is worth starting preparing in advance, calmly and gradually, in order to have everything in time on time. But there is also another way. You can always hire professionals and save you time and energy.

Moving without hiring a professional company.

A month before the move you need to think about the packaging materials.

You will need:

  • boxes of different sizes;
  • scotch;
  • packing tape;
  • air bubble film;
  • bags;
  • garbage bags;
  • newspapers;
  • stickers and markers (not really packaging, but definitely come in handy).

Of course, all this can be found, obtained or bought separately, but, first, it will take time to spend, and secondly, second-hand boxes from stores may not meet your strength requirements and have unpleasant odors. Much simpler, though somewhat more expensive than free, is to order a complete set of packaging materials from the moving company.

Next, we recommend to write a list of tasks that need to be done before the move. If it seems to you that all that is needed is just to collect things, then you are very mistaken!

You’ll have to:

  • agree with the car and the movers;
  • collect and pack all personal items, dishes, books, toys;
  • disassemble the furniture;
  • organize the cleaning of the apartment;
  • distribute, sell or throw away things that you do not take with you;
  • arrange a meeting with new owners for the transfer of keys;
  • decide who and where will take out the garbage;
  • close utility contracts;
  • check out of the old apartment and register in the new one;
  • and much more depends on the situation.

Starting packing things worth 2-3 weeks before the move. Previously, it was unreasonable to do this, because then it is not particularly convenient to live on boxes and suitcases, and if you start later, you can simply not have time to do everything in time. And in this regard, a new question arises, what things to take with you to a new apartment?

Experts recommend using the following rule: if a thing is not used throughout the year, it means that it is not so necessary. Without regrets, take photographs of unnecessary figurines, sets, throw pillows and other dusty things and put them up for sale via the Internet! So it will turn out to make a place and earn money for the future repair in a new dwelling.

As for furniture, large pieces of furniture, of course, better to be transported in a disassembled form. But not all of them will be able to survive disassembly and assembly in a new place! Maybe it’s time for an old wardrobe made of chipboard or a collapsing sofa to go to the country house or even to the trash?

Moving with a professional company.

If we are talking about Los Angeles, then you should pay attention to this company https://socalpromovers.com/los-angeles.

Of course, there is a great temptation to save money and, using the help of friends, organize the move yourself. But will you do yourself a disservice? Not only is it difficult, hard, long and uninteresting, so also ask for a broken lamp, in which case, there will simply be no one. A lot has been said and written about the advantages of professional movers, so we will not repeat it, but we will strongly recommend that you prefer their services. The same applies to transport to move. It’s great if your friend has a truck in which everything fits wonderfully. However, in any case, he significantly loses to a specially equipped furniture van, where things can be securely fixed for safe transportation. In addition, it is much easier to order both the car and the movers in the same company for moving to avoid overlaps and inconsistencies in time.