How do modern slot machines work?

Previously, special wheels were used to spin the machines, but now the slots have become high-tech. Only outwardly modern models resemble their predecessors. Inside, there is high-tech stuffing, which controls the built-in computer. If we talk about the electric slots, they use a computer, rotating and stopping the drum with an electric motor. It is the computer that is the “brain” of controlling modern slot machines. Impulses clearly regulate the work of the reels, but it is impossible to program winning or losing. Though the computer has certain step distances, the random number generator guarantees equal chances for both possible outcomes of the game.

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How does the RNG work in electronic slot machines?

A random number generator is capable of examining about a billion numbers. It processes several hundred numbers per second. The generated number is sent to the computer the moment the player starts the machine. The data received is processed by a program that determines where the reel stops. This happens each time the slot is started. You can be sure of the uniqueness of each game. Consider, as an example, the game on a three-wheeled slot. The player presses the lever. The generator instantly starts going through the numbers. The last three numbers are fixed. Their values determine the position of the first, second and third reels respectively.

Suppose that the first random number is 123456789. Computer calculates the location of the first drum by dividing the number received from the generator by the value, which was originally set just for this operation. This value is usually 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512. For example, take 64 as the corresponding value. Dividing 123456789 by 64 gives you 21. A total of 64 different probability values can stop the virtual video slot reel in the example under consideration.

The computer has an individual table of stops. It reflects the distance to which you need to move the real drum. By checking with this value the computer changes the value of the virtual reel. The 64 possible stops of the virtual reel correspond to 22 stops of the real reel. There are more virtual values than real ones, that is, several values can claim the same place at the same time. In addition, it is necessary to consider the possibility of falling out empty or low-paying combination.

Modern slot machines allow players to waste no time in dropping coins into the slot. Most casinos have long used club plastic cards. It has also become easier to keep track of winnings. The ease of operation will make anyone forget that once you had to pull the lever to play. By a simple and intuitive interface get used to in minutes.

“Degree of generosity” of each particular slot casino staff can be set individually. All of the described features of computer systems are actively used by most modern manufacturers of slot machines. Necessary adjustment programs are made at the final stage of production. By the way, the program can be configured to increase the chance of becoming a jackpot holder.

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