Wall stickers

Looking at the walls of the apartment, with the already bored interior, we often wonder if it’s time to change the situation? Maybe we should already glue the wallpaper or update the ceiling, or maybe take on a rework in full? But more often than not we remember the previous repair epic, calculate the finances decide that it is not bad. But maybe there’s a way to change something quickly, without piles of garbage and large financial investments? And that’s the option – vinyl stickers!

Economical and aesthetic

One of the undoubted advantages of stickers is their variety and visual appeal:

  • stunning urban landscapes;
  • the exotic mandala;
  • fancy wood with photo frames.

They certainly create the mood and emphasize the design of the room. Of course, an important advantage of vinyl stickers is their financial availability. Even a huge sticker depicting a world map or mountain peaks almost 2.5 meters wide will cost you money. But how will a room with such a decor be transformed! 

Eco-friendly and easy maintenance

Today the problem of ecological safety is more urgent than ever, and it is first of all important for the objects around us all the time. Vinyl wall stickers are made of a special film that is safe for human health. They can be used to decorate children’s rooms without fear. Funny bees and bears on the wall or classics on the floor will please your child, and do not have to worry about whether it is safe.

If we talk about the children’s room, an important quality of the environment is the ability to wash and clean, without sacrificing anything. So the stickers are easy to wipe with a damp cloth. This is especially true for stickers that are applied to the floor – it should be washed often. The fact that stickers are not afraid of moisture, makes them indispensable in the design of the bathroom. This is one of the most expensive in terms of remodeling the apartment, so the use of vinyl stickers here justifies itself. A turtle, a flock of fish or dolphins will emphasize the purpose of the room and make the decor unique.

Why are vinyl stickers more practical than wallpapers with prints

Modern technology has led to a situation where the quality of wallpaper is such that it remains bright and beautiful for a very long time. Not just for years, but also for decades. Hence, the moment when the interior is a little tired and you want to change before the physical wear of wallpaper. Vinyl stickers are the practical solution to this problem. The vinyl stickers on the wallpaper fit perfectly. The vinyl stickers fit well on almost all types of wallpaper. Stickers on Fortuna Custom Shop wallpaper are removed from both vinyl and fleece wallpaper without damaging them (attention, stickers are not removed from the wallpaper, the outer layer of which is paper). 

This way, you can change the mood in your home as often as you like. This year your walls can be decorated with fashionable this season in the form of gold circles, and next year, you can radically change the decor and stick a sticker ” Tree” on the wallpaper. At the same time, if you like gold mugs, they will stay on your wallpaper for 5 and 10 years, in general, until you decide to make some changes in your interior. 

That is, if you have a wallpaper with a pronounced pattern, the only way to make significant changes is to glue the wallpaper. If the walls are painted or wallpaper (vinyl or fleece) with a small print or monochrome, you can change the appearance of the walls and as a result, the mood in your home, as often as you want with vinyl stickers. The relief of the wallpaper is not a hindrance. Most vinyl wallpaper has a small relief. The vinyl stickers hold up well on the wallpaper, both smooth and embossed.